Saying Good bye to some old friends

As with the end of every year we look back to think of friends that have past to say good bye one last time.

Larry Kaufman. He was the owner of Windsor Arms of Phoenix. I have spent a time or two in his store.

scan_Page_1csGordan Herigstad. If you ever owned or looked at a 21 Thompson then you have met Gordan. What a passion he had for that weapon.


scan_Page_2csTom Spengel was a regular at all the machine gun shoot. He could come up with some of the more interesting stuff to shoot.

scan_Page_3csBeyrl Barnett. I have known Beyrl for over 30 years. He will be missed the most.

scan_Page_4csGood bye, more good guys lost.

2 comments to Saying Good bye to some old friends

  • Bob Benson

    Larry Kaufman. ran the best collectors shop in the valley. He was a great guy. I never got to meet the other men it was my loss.

  • Josiah Godwin

    Poor guys, when they all die off history dies with them. Say!!! The survivors should compile their information into a book so the knowledge’s not lost..

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