Saturday update

I am a little behind just coming back from a 10 day trip through the mid west states. So today was a work day in the shop. The major projects right now are finishing all the parts for the VG1-5, you know the hole that needs to be drilled or the slot that needs to be cut, and the fluting machine for the barrels on the VG1-5. When we last left the back plate on the cnc mill I had just finished the hole for the hold down and alignment bolts.

broaching machine backing plate revised 1

DSC_0184_sSo the first thing to do was ream the alignment bolt holes. With that accomplished we moved the plate over on the mill and started drilling holes. Just so you don’t think that I goofed off all day to get to the point that I am going to show you in the video I spent 9 hours on this. Now this includes writing the cam program as well.

This is the final product as of Saturday evening when I stopped working.DSC_2578s


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