SAR Gun Show final report

Well the show was a great success. The party was a great success. Fun was had by all. Now on to the details.

I was able to obtain an additional 60 barrels for the VG1-5, 05 and 06 projects.

Books,Books and more Books. I am a book nut and will buy books over guns all most any time. Here is the run down of books new and old that I found.

I did not have this one in the collect and one day I will have an Adams revolver in the reference collection.

scan_Page_1sAnother Bruce Canfield book.

scan_Page_2sI actually have not seen this one before

scan_Page_3cThis is a great translation of a Russian manual. You can get this manual for 30.00 plus shipping from Martin Ivie at

scan_Page_4sMy copy of Single shot rifles finally gave up and I needed a new copy.


scan_Page_6sI remember when this book first came out and I had no money to buy it.

scan_Page_7sI enjoy Bruce Canfield’s books and get his new one when they come out.



A couple of interesting items like a Stoner M63 bolt and extractor, no I do not own a Stoner just like to study parts.



Had a great group show up at the party. Rick from .

Greg from

Ian from

Dolf Goldsmith and

Eric from bravo company to name a few.

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