Part 2 of the weekend work fest

While Axel worked on the pattern for the stock more was accomplished on the router table.

dsc_2770sAll the drawers have been finished and the top has been glued together, marked out and the moulding cut and fitted. I would have finished the moulding up gut my disk sander


gave it up.

dsc_2816sWith no new pads we had to wait until Monday to buy some new pads.

I wanted 100 grit but all Harbor Freight had was 120.


Got two of them from the wood working store. 100 grit.

dsc_2817sI really want to finish this project so I can get on to making the stocks.

2 comments to Part 2 of the weekend work fest

  • At least it looks like you are making progress, by me it is one step forward and two backward. Harry

  • Joshua

    Hey Harry

    what do the sanding disks cost you usually?
    I ask because I have given up on them, usually it’s cheaper for me to buy a pack of square sandpaper and a can of spray on adhesive and just cut sheets to fit, but it’s a bit of work if there is as cheaper or cheaper pads to be found



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