New gun racks for the reference collection

A friend of mine recently lost his house. By this time he had already sold most of his collection and had no need for his gun racks. While not exactly designed for my gun room they were at least a start and the material was free, my price range. It took me all day Saturday to take down and remove the racks piece by piece to get them out the door. So Sunday was build new racks for my room. I am still not done and have at least three more racks to build. That will be next weekends project. As with all gun rooms there is never enough room. This was what my room looked like on a couple of  walls before I started.DSC_0286_s

DSC_0283_sNot much space and guns stacked upon guns.

The first project was to take the guns from the south wall out so I could work. The only place to store them was of course the kitchen.

DSC_8657sThis freed up the space to start the first rack.

DSC_8659sThe base was first.DSC_8661sThen I made spacers between the hanging racks to support the upper part.

DSC_8663sWith all the spacers installed.


DSC_8665sThe upper portion was hung and the first set of small arms brought back in.

DSC_8666sNext the space above the cabinets was cleared off and a new rack made there.


DSC_8668sThen the rifles were put back there.

DSC_8669sThe next wall was attacked and cleared out so new racks could be installed. This time we made them two high instead of a single level.

DSC_8670sA smaller rack was made and installed next to the cabinets to hold shorter Mauser rifles.

DSC_8672sThe 34 and 42 were move and new racks built and installed.


DSC_8673sAgain a double rack design was used.

So at the end of the weekend I was able to remove two of the round racks built 5 new ones. Next weekend I will finish the rest as I am fairly sure my wife wants the kitchen back and the rest of the guns and swords removed from there.





There is still a bunch of wood left to use up for the remaining racks.


DSC_8684sMy guess is that she will want me working on them every night this next week.


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