My birthday day off.

For my Birthday my wife took me to the Samurai armor display at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was a great way to spend the day. The detail of the work that they accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

As long as you did not use a flash taking pictures was not a problem. There was not a great deal of weapons, but the armor is something to admire.

This will be a multi part post as I took a number of pictures.

Here are a few of the full sets of armor that was on display.








IMG_2940csIt was a fun afternoon with my wife looking at some very interesting Japanese armor.


5 comments to My birthday day off.

  • Carl F Fenzel

    Happy Birthday, Sailor!

  • Axel

    So Happy Birthday from one of your 8 followers ;)

  • Rick Saunders

    Happy Birthday!
    You would absolutely love the Arms and Armor exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. They too have Japanese armor and I am thoroughly amazed at the medieval armor, engraved and blued, and some is so immaculate. From some of the Arms in my family, one season in the barn and they can range from a lovely orange to soft brown. Apparently armor was kept in the barn or garage, and possibly tended to daily when actually in use. But who took care of them and where were they stored for several hundred years?
    And to think my wife bugs me about all the stuff I save…………..

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