MP-44 trunnion part 2

The next machining operation has been completed on the trunnion. This is one of the many unexpected problems with reverse engineering a component.  The magazine did not fit. An error occurred that was missed. It is a good thing to check after every step which we do.

DSC_5953sYou can see the differences here and it is quite obvious. New measurements were taken and the trunnion was re-machined. These are the first two corrected trunnions that have been completed through operation 5.

In this picture you can see that the dimensions are a great deal closer. The thickness on the front of the magazine well are due to the new models not having a bevel put in yet.


DSC_5964sOnly the rough cut is accomplished in operation 5 on the under side below the barrel. It will be finished in operation 7.

DSC_5965sThe gas pistol supports.

DSC_5967sThis is the fit and finish in an original trunnion.

DSC_5974sour trunnion.

DSC_5973sdifferent angle of the same trunnion.

DSC_5972sThe first two with magazines in them. These are the minimum and maximum magazines that I own.


DSC_5969sWith the completion of operation 6 the magazine will set lower. With any luck operation 6 will be this week, however the HAAS team will be here Thursday for routine maintenance.

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