More on the Japax wire edm

This is another installment on the Japax wire edm at When I bought this machine from an auction house last year it did not run at all. The plan was to get it operational if possible with the least amount of money. Thus far I have replace a number of the switches. This was the first necessary to get it working. All the pumps were taken apart, cleaned and tested so they now work. A new monitor and circuit board was gotten in from McWillaims and it works great. The wire feed system was adjusted to stop the problem of the wire running off the feed rollers. And this last weekend we finally got power to the cutting wire. This is a big step toward actually running the Japax wire edm. Here is the video of that process.

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  • Ben

    One suggestion, in the event you get a bad resin tank an inline filter for the out spout side should catch all the resin particles before it goes through the machine. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen and its not fun unclogging everything.

  • Rick Saunders

    Every bit of news is exciting.
    Good luck,

  • Ben

    Chuck, Here’s what we use at work. Open their PDF catalog, go to page 6 second line to the right and just pic out what I.D. you need. Have fun with the EDM

  • Chuck

    Thanks Ben for the link.

  • mr Pibbs!

    Hi, I also just got an LU3B and am wondering if you have gotten new filters yet? Im very curious if the four filters in the front of the machine have fabric socks around them, and also what part numbers they have written on them. BTW if you have any broken electronics on the machine let me know, I have gotten very good at fixing it.

    • Chuck

      Thank you for the offer of assistance. There are no fabric socks around the filters. I did get new filters from McWilliams and company. There is a link to their site. Great guys to work with and have helped me a great deal.
      Have you written any posts for your machine yet?

      • mr Pibbs!

        I havent written a post yet. I’m still getting the machinery up and running. I am pretty sure I will end up using camworks so thats what I’ll be writing the post for, which I’ve done before for other weird CNC equipment. I will definitely be going all the way as far as full 4th axis support and anything else that the Japt 3F can handle through code. What software are you planning on using? Thats funny I was told by mcwilliams that the prefilters they sell come with socks. Do you have a PW20X tank? Were the prefilters you got 20FL-W-W10? Yes Mcwilliams is extremely friendly and patient and go the extra mile. I feel bad calling them because I ask things I am sure they have heard a billion times. Have you gone through and cleaned your dielectric tank? Mine is pretty bad. What did you use to get it shiny (if you did)?

        • Chuck

          I plan on using delcam for my programming software. I just have the mill package, however the rep said to use 2-D mill set up and write if feeds and speeds. I will see if that works. The cost for a wire package in either delcam or mastercam is out of my range. My tank is a PW14H. I will take pictures of the filters that I got from them this weekend and post them. I cleaned the tank it was just a sludge pit when I got it. It did cause some leaks that I had to fix so be careful.

          • mr Pibbs!

            How much was delcam with the wire edm? BTW does your PW14H have only one pump to send flushing to the guides? On my PW20X one of my pumps is dead and I may need to reconfigure it to use one pump for flushing instead of two.

  • mr Pibbs!

    I got sparks on the LU3B! Looks like the power supply is up. I killed one of the pumps trying to de-rust it because it was seized, so I will have to use just one pump for flushing. But this dry test seems to work so I’m going to move ahead with getting the flushing system up and trying some cuts. Have you made any progress? Heres a pic

    • Chuck

      congratulations. I have not had time to mess with mine in the last couple of weekends. It is on the schedule for next weekend. I am going to try and get a spark then. Again this is exciting.

      • mr Pibbs!

        awesome hope to see yours up and running. btw any chance you could snap a picture of the filters you bought? the 4 in the front especially. im really curious what the “socks” look like that they come with from mcwilliams. thanks in advance for any help.

  • alireza

    Please help me
    My machine has a problem
    I do not have any catalog
    And I do not have any catalog of errors
    my machine is japax lu3b wirecutter
    With best wishes
    alireza roustazade

  • Steve

    Do you have the setup/installation manuals on this machine

    • Chuck

      Hello Steve. I do not have a set up manual. I have everything working , however I still am lost at the code to use to actually cut metal.

  • BRuno

    Did you get the parallel port to work on this ?
    Anytime I try to load from the ‘LPT’ it tells me tape error ?
    I was wondering it you knew where I could find the settings for that LPT port behind the FE02 power supply.

    Maybe I didnt connect the parallel cable at the right place behind the power supply.
    if you got it working, can you send me a picture of that pcboard behind the FE02 ?

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