Monday follow up 9-15 work on the fab shop

I was able to accomplish a little more on the addition to the Fab shop. That is until we ran out of materials. Here are a few pictures of what little work that was accomplished on it. Just so you have an idea of the progression. This is me fighting with the compactor a while back trying to get the soil ready.IMG_2325_s

And when I was finally done with this fun task.


We did have a little rain here that helped settle it even more.

IMG_2343_sOver the period of two rain storms we had over 5″ of rain.

This is a little video of the water running around the fab shop.

Now it is on to the next exciting part setting the steel and the frame for the concrete pour.


DSC_0033_sI hope to be completed with the steel and framing by next weekend then pour in two weeks. We will see how well that plan works

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  • I had water in our Arizona room here in Tucson last week, the shop and large garage are on a 16 inch foundation with half under ground so we did not get any water in there. But we spend the week assisting the contractors in digging the yard up as it had a 1 to 4 slope towards the house. Cannot believe the previous owner paid someone to do the yard that way. Anyway 20 tons of gravel and a new underground drainage system later it is done. Hopefully it will work for the storms scheduled to arrive this week. Great work on the shop. Harry

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