Machining the safety shaft for the AR-180B

This is the video of the actual machining of the AR-180B shaft. This is the first op in making this part. From here it will nest go to the mill to have the various flats, slots and holes drilled. Now on to the first op.

With the first op complete the next step is to write and set up forĀ  milling the part.

DSC_5667csAll the safety shafts turned.






3 comments to Machining the safety shaft for the AR-180B

  • JB the other one

    Is there a reason you didn’t turn the whole selector as one piece and then mill the head down to its final shape?

  • Chuck

    Yes the size of the stock would have been much larger and more expensive. It would also have been more difficult to machine the flats later.

  • eddie

    wow the parts are coming together pretty quickly. im impressed with the quality. good job. Ill have to get one when they are done. thanks for the work chuck

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