Machining the FG-42 bi-pod leg female stamping die

This post is about machining the stamping die for the bi-pod leg on a first model FG-42. This will be the third stamping die out of a set of 5 dies. It is also one of the more complex of the dies in the set. I will start with the solid model that was drawn up in solid works after being scanned.



Here are a few pictures of an original bi-pod legIMG_2317_s




Here are a few still pictures of the female die.



To give you an idea of the time required to do this die it took a week of design time to take the 3-d scans and convert them into usable solid models. It took another day to write the master cam program. The total time to set up the machine and run the die 5 hours. The material cost was $ 65.00. Tooling cost was $120.00.

We are working on the matching male die and will have a post about that soon. Hope you enjoyed the video and understand the time required to complete a project

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