Life at Gun Lab, studying the MP-44 receiver

Here at gun Lab what we do is study weapons and at any time you could come across anything. A set of EM-2 locking flaps,


a Destroyer carbine,


a Vickers cut away lock,


Hand drawn prints for a weapon

drawings c

or a French MAS 36 22 trainer cartridge adapter.


Anything and everything can be found in my office area. So today we are going to be looking at a MP-44 half of a receiver. I enjoy studying parts and looking at this part it is very interesting to see how the Germans made this part and the interior design that you hardly ever get to see.

DSC_6309csA couple of views of the back of the mag well housing and the added pressings.


DSC_6314csA look at the front of the mag well and the added strengthening plate spot welded on.


DSC_6319csA good view of the press work on the inside of the trunnion and magazine housing area.



DSC_6331csThe out side view. Nice trunnion curvature.

DSC_6334csLook at the internal and external rib stampings


DSC_6336cThis is a nice photo of the magazine housing ribs.


DSC_6346csLook at the transition between the receiver body and the trunnion.


As complex as this weapon is I am amazed at the quality of the stamping. This is actually a beautiful stamping

4 comments to Life at Gun Lab, studying the MP-44 receiver

  • Mac

    Looks like a complicated stamping process…

  • Kerwin Kerr

    Looks to me like y’all are coming along quite well! Keep it up! I still think that a Yoderroll rotary press is the best way to make a sheet metal rifle or machine gun receiver.

  • Pete F.

    Metal sculpture. Way neater than some old million dollar painting.

  • Storm

    Compare this to AKM stamping (made 10 or so years later), like comparing Porsche to Lada.
    Germany was world leader and pioneer in stamping industry… but at the same time spending too much resources and money on overly complicated state of the art weapons,
    while the other side had a (statistically correct) thinking “100 of our ppsh give better results then 10 stgs44″.

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