Japax wire EDM update

Work around Gun Lab actually is accomplished, in this case the Japax wire EDM. I spent some time on Saturday changing out bad push buttons on the control circuit board. There were three bad switches and we had received the replacements during the SAR gun show so this was my first day that I had to complete the task. Once the control board was re-installed it was time to test the EDM.


Here is the video of it wire operation test run.

This photo shows the wire running through the machine. I still need to order s few small parts so I can close up the whole thing and get on to the next step. Running the water system and powering up the cutting circuit.




The fun that was involved in threading that wire through all those small holes was way to much fun. I am so looking forward to cutting out inside pockets.

Thanks again to Brett at McWilliams sales and service for there assistance. You can find them here:

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