Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle

A friend of Gun Lab just obtain a Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle and was nice enough to send pictures to share with everyone.

A little history on the type 1 is in order first.

This rifle  was developed in 1941. It was a basic modification to the type 38 carbine. To accomplish this modification the stock was cut behind the trigger guard at the wrist location. A large metal hinge was added  with a corresponding latch on the opposite side of the stock. This allowed the buttstock to be folded so that it could be transported on the solders jump pack.

The type was a limited rifle fabricated for experimental use only. It is estimated that only 200-300 pieces were made.  There are no characters or numbers noted on any of the type 1’s indicating the modification.

Now to the pictures.

Right and left views with the stock open and closed.





IMG_6608csclose up view of the latch. Unlocked and locked.


IMG_6599csTop view of the receiver.

IMG_6597csNice mum.


IMG_6596csMore close up pictures of the latch and hinge.





It is a rifle I would like to own and one of only two missing from my Japanese collection. I thank Greg for sharing.

3 comments to Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle

  • Dan E

    takedown rifles of all sorts are neat as hell, nice pics.
    hey how did they do the chrysanthemum knurling on the bolt?

  • Ed

    The safety is incorrect for that model (TT1). These were only produced in the high 4th series and low 5th series. The safety on the rifle pictured is from an early Tokyo type 38 long rifle. This rifle should have a safety with the shallow notch.

  • Paolo


    This is to ask your cooperation for a small book I am writing (in Italian) about WW2 rifles.
    I would be grateful if you were so kind to allow me to use the pictures of the Type 1 Paratrooper Rifle shown in your site.
    I hasten to add that, if and when the book is published, the name of image owner will be mentioned with gratitude in the “Acknowledgment” section.
    Many thanks for the attention and best regards

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