Japanese 99 magazine update Shop Tuesday 9-23

We have completed some more work on the new stamping dies. We changed the design from a single stamp stamping set up to a multi step process. The first step is to stamp the ribs in the sheet metal then the following die set captures the sheet metal using the ribs as a reference and then bends the side walls.

This is the first set of dies. A little more still needs to be completed to work out the sheet metal stops.


IMG_2161cThe next set will start the bending of the sides. This is the series of parts required for this die. At this point the die is not complete. We still need to finish the upper and lower attachment plates.



the other side of the bending die.



As they look together.

DSC_0007_sThe back side of the die . The hole are for alignment and springs.


This series of pictures starts to show the die as it would be assembled.

DSC_0061_sThese are the end pieces of the stamping die to form the top and bottom of the magazine.


DSC_0063_sI hope you enjoyed the update. We are hoping to have this die completed this week. The material just came in on Friday. As always commits are appreciated.

2 comments to Japanese 99 magazine update Shop Tuesday 9-23

  • Pete F.

    Are you using a plate to hold the blank flat on the female with the male die going down through it?
    What material are you using? Mild steel sheet or some sort of deep drawing sheet metal?

    • Chuck

      We have just finished the rest of the Die set. The metal we will be stamping is generic sheet metal not anything with a high carbon content like 1050.

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