Happy Thanksgiving from Gun Lab

Here at gun Lab a terrific day was had. My wife cooked an outstanding meal using her new and almost completed kitchen. There was ham,turkey,stuffing,potatoes,and all the necessary fixings to go with them. Friends and family were her to enjoy the meal.

As for myself The day off was perfect. I was able to get the fluting press working, I have completed the first few ops on making the stocks for the VG1-5 using my new router table and the chamber issue with the Vg1-5 barrel was solved. A really good day.

I hope all of you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

2 comments to Happy Thanksgiving from Gun Lab

  • Glad you had such a great day and I hope you have many more. You do great work. Harry

  • Rick Saunders

    I love the new and almost complete kitchen comment………I totally understand!
    Thoroughly appreciate the updates, as you have a ‘dream’ shop and getting better by the day.
    Looking forward to the time when you can apply some time and talent to the AR-180 project as I would be in for a half dozen uppers and more in parts should you get to that point.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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