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I thought it time to do another update here at Gun Lab. Currently the major and generally only project being worked on is the VG1-5. Between the machining, pressing , welding and wood working that is required to complete this rifle we are keeping quite busy. However with that said we are still working on a few other projects as time allows. Solid modeling is continuing on the next rifle project that is coming down the line, which will be discussed in the future. We are also working on another solid model project for a friend of Gun Lab, John P. This is about all that can be handled at this time.

After the second attempt of the Japanese type 99 stamping die for the magazine this project has been put on a later time schedule. It will be picked up again after the VG1-5 is completed. Time and money dictates this.

There is tooling that needs to be completed to finish out the VG1-5 and part of my weekend is spent doing this. The cnc router control circuit and the fluting machine are two that come to mind.

A number of friends have stepped forward to help with the VG1-5 project and it is with there help that we will complete this project.

I look forward to finishing the VG1-5 project. I also look forward to starting the next projects that are coming up.

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  • Joshua

    this has been an incredibly interesting process to watch, and I thank you for taking the time to document and distribute the information you do.

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