Fun at Gun Lab Week end of 3-8-15

Not everything is as much fun as this was.


My old back hoe started leaking oil on two of the cylinders. So the project for Sunday was to remove the cylinders to take them down to the hydraulic repair shop. As with all plans things just do not go as easy as they sound. The bushings had shattered and would not allow the cylinders to come out. The pins could move but the bushings needed to be driven out. So a special tool was made for this task. The pin was machined to fit the inside of the bushing and be the exact same diameter as the bushing.


Then all the tools necessary to remove the bushings were gathered together.


So there were two cylinders and 12 bushings to remove. This is the video of the last one.

It took the better part of Sunday to finish this job.


The cylinders are on the way.

DSC_4553sIt is always fun here.


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