Full auto pistol part 2

In our first installment., we looked at a rather boxy looking full auto pistol. This post is about the weapon that was built for patent number 3,803,976 that was issued to Henk Visser.

visser 128c

visser 127cThese are the drawings from the patent.


US3803976-1With the front grip down and ready to fire full auto.

Right side view

visser 125cleft side view. you can see that the magazine release button is located the same as an early 1951 Beretta pistol. The grip panels look like the Cz model 52 pistol

visser 126cBoth side views with the slide removed

visser 119c

visser 121cA look inside the fire control group

visser 123c

visser 120cBottom side of the slide

visser 124cThe magazine right and left side views.

visser 130c

visser 129cI am not sure but I think that these are proprietary magazines for this pistol only. I can not remember seeing them anywhere else.

This pistol had a nice feel to it and was easy to operate.

Many thanks to Daniel E. Watters for locating the patent for us all.














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