Fluting press

In the last post you saw how we are coming along with the hydraulic forging press. Most of the work is now complete on it and I am trying to finish up the fluting press. Axel mad a lock nut for the tool holder.

dsc_3175sI have an DRO from the router machine that I took apart.

dsc_3176sI am working on a mounting system to allow the accurate measurement of the depth of the flute cut.

dsc_3177sTo allow a slow control cut of the flutes a throttle valve is being installed.

img_1848sThe real issue today was how to mount the throttle valve and piping hook ups. I think the answer might be uni-strut.
dsc_3171sThis was an idea that came from Axel and I will try and get this working this week.


I am thinking that if I mill a little out from the uni-strut and weld on a base I can mount the throttle valve this way.

dsc_3172sThe reason for the concern on mounting the throttle valve is the stress that the quick disconnects will have on the system.



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