FG-42 first model rear sight button

This post is about making the rear sight button for the FG-42 first model. To give you an idea of the complexity of this part I am adding a picture from “Death From Above” . This is a component break down of the parts for the first model FG-42 rear sight.

FG-42 rear sight compoment parts2

There is also a picture of it installed on the rifle.

FG-42 rear sight first modelThe important information on these pictures is the angle of the button that holds it together and the design of the sight post. This post is about the lathe operation for part A 26. This is the button that holds the entire sight together. If you compare this sight with a later model Fg-42 you will notice the differences in the angle and the thickness of the part. The internals however are inter changeable.


With the part we are making in this post we are dealing with the button that holds it together.

IMG_2372_w_sThis picture will give you a slightly different view.



Now that we have finished the lathe op for this part we will start designing the tools and fixture necessary to complete the mill operations.

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