EM-2 video

I am always looking for EM-2 information and came across this British video on the rifle. Enjoy.

5 comments to EM-2 video

  • Brad

    Now, that .280 EM2 Machine gun prototype…that can almost surely be defined as a “Forgotten weapon?”

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    The drawings for the EM2 are held at the national firearms centre, Leeds, UK. But copies have to be paid for. It would be a good project to get the drawings and cost the amount of work required to produce some by modern machining methods.

    • Chuck

      I have the drawings that are available. It is on the project list to see if it can be made. I really want one.

      • EN

        I’d be interested in helping in any way that I can (I can slowly but surely build 3D models given dimensions and drawings, especially with the help of the pictured over at the forgotten weapons blog). However I am mainly throwing my name in amongst the many who are interested in an EM-2 reproduction.

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