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I know you are all hoping to hear about what happen in the shop today. How we got the Japanese type 99 stamping dies to work or the Fg-42 receivers are finished or that the last of the VG1-5 parts are completed. Well that is not the case. Today’s post is about what is not completed and why.

My wife went to the next doors neighbors house to let his 4 hound out ,as we have every day for the last 4 weeks. Only this time a number of events happened at the same time. This time our dog followed my wife up. this time the gate did not latch properly, this time I was not with her, this time the dogs did not get to know each other  as all the other times. So the chain of events went really wrong. This time our neighbors dogs felt threaten by our dog and what happen afterwords was a total disaster. So instead of working on the projects I took our dog to the emergency vet clinic, one of his dogs to the vet clinic and my wife to the emergency room.

Everyone is fine now. My wife spent a number of hours in the hospital getting the dog bites taken care of. our dog has a large number of bites that are stitched up and should be able to walk on his own soon and hopefully one of my neighbors expensive hunting dogs will not lose his sight. All in all it was not a great day. The only good thing about today is that no one died or was  hurt beyond repair. Tomorrow is another day and will be better.

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  • Turk

    Dear God, that’s terrible!! May everyone, heal fast and well!!

  • Ken

    Ian: I am sure you’ve heard this before but dog bites easily get infected. After spending the morning in a local emergency room, 5 days later I stopped by my regular Dr. to have her take a look an what I thought was a healing dog bite. Well, she sent me right to a hand surgeon and I had emergency surgery the next morning to clean up an infection. Almost lost my hand. Keep an eye on your wife’s bites.

    • Ian

      I appreciate the concern, Ken – although this is Chuck’s wife, not mine. I spoke to Chuck about it this morning, and she is being well taken care of.

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