AR-180B safety spring bending

A while back we showed you the springs that we obtained for the AR-180B safety and bolt hold open. We bought these with out the tabs pre-bent and trimmed.

DSC_5762sThe next step was to design the tooling necessary to bend the springs for an AR-180B rifle. A couple of pictures of the tooling necessary to bend the spring at a proper angle


DSC_6404sNot as simple as it looks.


The spring wire put in for the first bend.

DSC_6406sThe tool necessary to bend the spring.


DSC_6407sAfter the first bend


DSC_6409sPivot pin moved to second op position.



DSC_6412sThe bending handle re-installed.


DSC_6414sSecond op completed.

DSC_6415sThis is where and how the spring is installed.


A quick video showing how it’s done.

7 comments to AR-180B safety spring bending

  • This just shows that I, like many of us, don’t know what it takes to actually produce these parts in volume. Great work and I can’t wait to start getting these distributed for you.


  • Pete F.

    Pretty slick Chuck!

  • John B.

    Awesome work and talent..Cannot wait for the availability of these parts..!!

  • Dan E

    suddenly a chopped CETME L in the video heheh

  • Brent

    Will you be selling AR180 uppers did I miss the date to get in on this run of parts. Great job I love the 180s. Thanks

  • Alex Monteith

    Hello Gun Lab,

    Are the AR180B bolt hold open/safety spring parts ready for sale? I am ready to purchase; let know how?
    Thanks, Alex

  • Michael Bernat

    Hello, GunLab!

    My name is Mike and I really want my own new-production AR-180, but I’ve hit a bit of a dead spot. These rifles are not commonly available, and it costs a lot just to find one these days. I like the platform as it seems to offer a lot of advantages.

    If you guys are not going to be making an AR-180 upper, would there at least be a chance you guys could make some sort of design schematic? I am actually trying to find a gunsmith in my area willing to take on the project of a fully custom-built AR-180 upper and any additional information that I can get, the better. Please let me know!!

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