AR-180B bolt hold open and safety spring

In a previous post comments Alex asked about the spring that the bolt hold open device uses. He wanted to know if we were going to make them. The answer is yes and here are a few pictures of them.

The spring on the right is an original while the one on the left is how we receive them from the spring company.

DSC_5684sWe ordered enough for the number of parts sets we are going to make.

DSC_5762sWe are currently working on a bending die and will have it complete this week.

2 comments to AR-180B bolt hold open and safety spring

  • Alex Monteith


    Thanks for the spring update. I am ready to buy the bolt hold open, cam pin, selector/safety and spring when you have the kit ready.

    Alex Monteith

    • Chuck

      We are working on the spring and hold open fixtures to finish the final bending. Once completed it is of to heat treating. The media came in to de-bur today, so another step toward finish product.

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