A visit to Dealer Showroom

We arrived at Medford Or. on Saturday and with a rental car drove to Klamath Falls where John Bush and Dealer Showroom is at. John has decided to retire and is cutting back his inventory drastically. With that in mind my wife and I spent all day Sunday and part of Saturday evening looking for and picking up a few items.

John helped me go through drawers, boxes and binds of stuff.

IMG_2090sEvery drawer was a new adventure. You could find stripped Enfield receivers.

IMG_3173sThere were drawers of magazines

IMG_3174sRacks of Madsen parts as well as boxes of misc Madsen items

IMG_3171sShelves of parts

IMG_3170sEvery nook and cranny was filled with parts

IMG_3167sEven found a box of M-1 Garand receivers

IMG_3168sJohn has even decided to reluctantly sell off some of his reference library.

IMG_3165sMy lovely wife spent the better part of 9 hours going through boxes of gun books.

IMG_3172sAnd no I did not buy everything. I did find a few treasures though.

Some of the major stuff that John has are L1A1 parts, Madsen LMG parts, IMI .357 pump rifle, but there is so much give John a call at.

916-205-1533 or 541-363-2695


2 comments to A visit to Dealer Showroom

  • O M G !!
    There are those of us who should never be in a place like that with $$$$ in our pocket!
    Might not end up with gas money to get home on.

  • Mac

    WOW! Looks like you hit the jackpot! Or at least had a lot of fun for the day(s)going through stuff!
    I bet you left a bunch of stuff behind just because you didn’t have the room to pack it in the suit cases :D

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