Working on the fluting press

This video is the first op on the back plate of the barrel fluting machine. In this video we are drilling and reaming the hole necessary to hold the plate to the table of the milling machine and align the plate for the next op. This will allow us to remove the exterior clamps and drill and ream all the holes necessary to attach all the components. Due to the size of the back plate the machining will be accomplished in phases.  The lower section will be machined then the plate will be moved down and the upper section will be machined. This is not the most exciting video but one that allows us to accomplish a project using the equipment we have on hand. The other thing to keep in mind is the speed and rigidity of the machine. The max speed is aprox 2500 rpm vs the HAAS which will run at 12,000 rpm. The feed rate is also much less. So what would take the HAAS just minutes to accomplish will that this little cnc mill hours to finish.

hope you enjoy the video.

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  • Christopher Brosnahan

    I a;ways find this fascinating…I used to watch the guys in the Sikorsky machine/sheet metal shop set up the raw material (RAWMA) in the Bridgeport prior to doping the actual machining operations…just the setup process could be laborious…set iy up, check with the dial indicator, adjust, repeat…sometimes the setup seemed to take loner than the actual job…

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