Weekend update for 6-15-15

A quick update for this last weekend. The slab was finished at the cast area. Here are a couple of views. I still need to get the gantry system up, but I am going to wait for my good friend Mac to help me with that one. He is a much better welder and fabricator then I am.


DSC_5749sOn the subject of metal casting. I was at a school that was being destroyed last week. As the building were being crushed I looked in the last one and to my surprise the shops were still equipped. The maintenance personnel were still there standing around and actually putting in stuff. The major tools had been taken out for auction, but all the support equipment was being left to be mixed in the building demo stuff and hauled away as trash. Asking if it would be okay to disappear this trash in my truck and the okay was given. It was a wood and metal shop. So off went all the casting flasks and any thing else that was useful. I also filled the back of my little truck with wood, cherry,maple,walnut and several other types.


DSC_5753sI really hate waste and all of this will now go to a good home.

Another 20′ of trench and conduit was laid for the new phone line to the shop.

The new batteries came in for the wire EDM. They are now installed and the machine is up and running in the testing mode.I have a post coming up showing it in operation later this week.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing solid works and working on the cnc router trying to get a couple of patterns made.

Until next time.


2 comments to Weekend update for 6-15-15

  • Martin

    Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I’m glad you were able to save these things.

    Metal casting is my favorite metalworking method. Lately I’ve been thinking of getting back into it as a commercial endeavor again.

    • Chuck

      I am glade to hear that there is a caster among my readers. That is also how I was able to obtain my furnaces from schools throwing them away.
      In the future if it is not to much of an inconvenience I would like to chat more about metal casting with you.

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