Weekend update 9-8-14

This update has to do with some ammo that I just received. I had ordered a couple of cases of .410 shotgun musket ammo for the Enfield 410 shotgun from Dan’s Sporting Goods. These are some great people to deal with. It was a very pleasant experience to say the least and they will have my business again. Here are some pictures of the ammo as it was shipped and out of the package. The head stamp indicates that it has come from India. I have fired 10 rounds so with no problems indicated. I know that that is not much shooting to verify anything, however a complete shooting session will be in the future.


I found it interesting how much the case expanded after firing.

DSC_0102_swThe ammo came wrapped in 10 round bundles and packaged inside of a wooden box.

The first picture comes for Dan’s sporting goods web page.



DSC_0110_s   Dan’s site also has a real good picture of the components of the ammunition.

AS41001fIf you happen to have one of these fine Enfields I recommend that you contact Dan’s about some ammo before it’s all gone. Here is there web page:

Now as for the rifle that I used and a few close up pictures of some interesting items on the weapon.

My rifle is in very good condition with a couple of repairs to the stock. It was made in 1949 and is marked RFI.DSC_0002_sThe magazine has been removed and a wooden filler block installed in it’s place with a metal feed ramp to allow loading the cartridge.


DSC_0007_swThe rear sight has been riveted so there is no adjustment for elevation, not that you would need any.

DSC_0009_swHere are a few more pictures of the rifle.


DSC_0010_swI have a quick video of me shooting it in the test fire tube. As you can see there not much recoil and the noise is minimal using the tube.

I am still trying to get the bugs worked out on the voice over.

If you are interested in more information on the Enfield rifle and the different variances I recommend the following books.

enfield 1as

enfield 3as

enfield 2asHope you enjoyed the post. Any ideas or opinions are appreciated.

5 comments to Weekend update 9-8-14

  • Chris

    I have one of these Enfield 410 Muskets and just ordered some ammo for it from Midway. My question is, have you ever reloaded the empties with bird shot, so it can be used for small game hunting? If so what steps have to be taken to do so. Also once the ball ammo is fired does the case need to be trimmed and fire formed before reloading? Thanks Chris

  • Is there also be possibility that the case would not just expand but as well get stuck inside because it expanded too much? I mean the case might be so thin that is why it expanded because of the heat after it was fired. Or is it impossible?

  • I’ve probably shot less than 2000 rounds total in my life. My experience with the 38-Spl LCR is it hurts to shoot it. Not as much kick as my .357 magnum but it still took me by surprise after reading so many reviews about how this has less felt recoil etc. After 10 rounds or so I got used to it, but my hand was sore/bruised for a few days. I like the gun, will use it for concealed carry, and will shoot it more to toughen up my hand. But I’m not sure I’d recommend it for another amateur such as myself.

  • Hey there!
    Any idea where you could similar ammo right now? I checked the link but it didn’t work for me. I checked everything locally but didn’t find what I was looking for. Seems like ordering online is my last chance.
    Thanks in Advance.
    John H.

  • Very interesting post and gun. A piece of history. You are lucky to own such an interestin gun!

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