Weekend update 4-6-15

To be honest I did not get that much accomplished this last weekend. Saturday I worked on the air system in the fab shop, but still have a little more to do. I needed some fittings so on to another project.


I went to start on the backhoe again and realized that I still needed four more bushings. Two were broken and two more were to short for the application there to be used for.


I then started putting up  lights in the wood shop. Then it was back to stand by on that project as I only has two sets. I needed more lights.


Went to the photograph area and started taking some more pictures after I finished my stand. That turned out okay, but the stand needs a little tweaking.

Rounded out Saturday with a friend from France stopping by to spend a few days.

Sunday morning up early to go to the range for a day of test firing 22 rifles and making video’s of them. Those will be posted over the course of the next couple of weeks. We came home so I could clean guns then my wife and friend went shopping for clothes as he packs light when he travels. I started editing all the video’s that I took.  I am not a big fan of being in front of the camera by the way. Just another old fat white guy shooting.

Not much else to add.

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