The Gerat 06

Now that I have spilled the beans concerning the Gerat 06 here is the progress so far on the rifle. All the receiver half’s have been pressed.



Here are a couple of close up pictures of the receiver.






The sight bases have also been pressed.


IMG_1018sThe end caps for the butt stocks are completed.

IMG_1016sThe triggers are completed.


IMG_1025sThe inner mag housings are completed.

IMG_1022sAnd the barrel end caps are completed as well.

IMG_1024sWe are currently keeping the cnc machining centers busy with the VG1-5 parts, however as soon as we have completed those parts the 06 will be next.

19 comments to The Gerat 06

  • John D.

    Do you trim your stampings with a die or cut the flash off in a CNC tool? If you use a CNC tool, how do you fixture the part and what do you use as a datum?

    Do you cut the wood furniture in a CNC tool?

    Curious, never worked with such short run production. Genuinely impressed with your results. Looks like you are better at this short run production than the German’s were!

    • Chuck

      We cut the flash off with the cnc. The way we do it is to use the fixture as the as the reference thus eliminating changes in the stamping as a problem. The stocks are currently made on a duplicator. When we get into the 05 you will see the entire process.

  • Pete F.

    Fantastic effort! Amazing deep draw on those sight bases. Similar to the MP44’s, but deeper.
    really great you are posting this.

  • juver

    would it be possible to make a rifle that is a cutaway so that you can see the internal workings ?

  • […] those of you who don’t regularly visit GunLab, Chuck posted an update there yesterday that’s worth checking out. He has spilled the beans about deciding to manufacture a small run […]

  • Looks promising !! I contacted Ian at Forgotten Weapons about being put on the list for one of these so this is just a heads up – keep up the good work !!

  • don

    What is the progress on the magazines for the T99 LMG?

  • ecox762

    impressive as always, the adjustments to the dies shows the painstaking attention to detail that you are famous for.

  • Darell B

    Very interested in one of these how do I get information, and do you have a waiting list for one? the fg42 project is also a must have. thanks and keep up the awesome work.

  • just some guy

    I am greatly impressed by what you’re doing here.

    How many of these repro rifles do you intend to make? Are they to be semi-auto only, or–well, I suppose select-fire versions would be “post dealer samples.”

    Will 8x33mm be the only caliber, or is the basic design adaptable to calibers perhaps more common in the US, like maybe a 7.62x39mm version using AK mags, for those of us who would feel compelled to shoot it and shoot it a lot?

    • Pete F.

      I sometimes hear guys wanting WW2 German 8Kurz guns in some other caliber. With respect I say “get over it” A sturmgewehr, VG, or Gerot in anything but the original caliber would be a bastard gun. The correct ammo (boxer primed) is available cheaper than .308 or 8MM. Cases reload easily. Cast lead bullets work well and Hornady makes 125 gr. jacketed bullets although those are not available currently due to them concentrating their production on their best selling items.
      I would not feel right shooting my Sturmgewehr in anything but the original caliber!

  • Black Talon

    is the Gerat 06 easier to produce than the Gerat 05?

  • Chris Faggart

    When will you start selling these repros?

  • Herb Duvoisin

    Please add me to the list – I want one! Any ETA on these? Thanks much.

  • Edward Lobb

    Dear Sir: Are you willing to sell any of your pressed stamping parts for the Great 06 project individually? What is the projected price for one of your completed rifles – ballpark? Thanks.

  • IAC.

    Were you able to get your MP45s into production ?
    Thanks, IAC.

  • John Chadwick

    Dear Sirs, When will MP45 ‘s complete or parts are available , from where & price list ? If not please put me on mailing list .

  • Ian Lisk

    Where can I get my hands on the plans for the Gerät 06H? I’m an industrial engineering student and am always looking for something new to model in Solidworks! I’d even be willing to pay for them given the price isn’t too high…starving college student and whatnot.

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