The forge

Most of this summer has been working on projects that have been hanging around and needed to be finished. We took in a number of outside jobs to pay the bills. The cash flow issue allowed only the projects that required no money to be accomplished. This lead to a number of items being completed that I really wanted to do. This is one of the projects. Getting the 3 burner forge running.

This story actually started long before this last summer. It started with wanting a forge to do some blacksmithing. A number of years ago I started to build a propane gas forge using a freon bottle and a home made gas burner.

DSC_6556sAfter making sure it was empty I removed the valve.

IMG_0298sIt was open up to allow for insulation and actually setting it up to be a forge.

IMG_0299sParts were machined for the nozzle and the adapter to the tank.

IMG_0301sThe adapter was welded on and the proper insulation added.



IMG_0304sEven a stand was built.

IMG_0308sHowever while I was waiting for the hardener to arrive this forge showed up. Actually I pulled it from a dumpster. It is a natural gas forge that uses a fan to provide air to the burner. Work stopped on the first forge as things do when life gets into the way. I thought I would convert this to propane, but again it was a time thing.

DSC_6546sI was ready to get back on the home made forge when this cute 3 burner forge showed up at my door.

DSC_2662sI obtain a regulator and hose and it was back to getting the forge up and running in the shop.

DSC_6550sExtra insulation was added and it was a go when….

DSC_6549sThis cute single burner forge showed up.


Then rick, a friend of gun lab wanted to know if I wanted this one.DSC_6528s



Being the scrounge that I an I said yes, It is at this point in the story that I must point out that my wife constantly reminds me that I have a problem. Taking it from natural gas to propane was next.

The piping removed.

DSC_6967sThe door was fixed.

DSC_6968sThe door still needs a covering of insulation.

DSC_6969sThe hole was plugged with insulation and just needs a sheet metal cap.

DSC_6970sNext will be the new burner hole and adapter.

At least now the three burner forge is up and running.

A quick video of it working.

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