Pieper M-1893 Revolver

This pistol came about for usage by the Mexican military through a presidential decree in 1893 by president Porfirio Diaz.

The pistol was built in Liege, Belgium by the Pieper firm. It uses a gas seal design where the cylinder moves forward to seal it during firing. This is the same concept as the Nagant revolver. It is a seven shot double and single action revolver. The  total contract  was for 5000 pistols.





DSC_1417sHard rubber plastic grips with H.Pieper Patent markings


DSC_1423csThe rear of the cylinder showing the rebate area for the rims

DSC_1425csThe front of the cylinder for the gas seal


DSC_1430csLanyard attached on the pistol grip

DSC_1433csCylinder latch. Looks like a Colt design. EJERCITO MEXICANO stamped on the side of the frame , top strap and cylinder.


Markings on the cylinder



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