More updates on the Sudanese AR-10

We have finally finished the solid model of the Sudanese lower receiver. The total time that has been spent making the solid model is 60 hours. Considering that there were no engineering drawings that were readable and the receiver we had to work with is cut up, I do not feel that is was excessive. We are still working on the tool list , programing and fixtures that are necessary to make it, that will be in the next post. The material for two test receivers is here and we are working toward the next phase.

So here are the solid model updates. We have gone through an corrected some of the radius on the inside and out side of the receiver drawing4_s

ar-10 receiver drawing1_sWith the final model they blend better and look like the original rifle.

We have also started the lettering on the side of the receiver.

ar-10 receiver letters_sThe next update was to add the logo we are going to use on our receivers. Being that Armalite is copyrighted as is AR-10 we had to made a few changed as you can see. this is an original rifle.


This is our version.


ar-10 receiver drawing2_sThe full auto trip sear was removed from the model and stops for the selector were added.

ar-10 receiver drawing4_sThe original Sudanese selector was different the all the rest.

selector 1Which means that we going to now have to change that as well.


ar-10 receiver drawing11_s

The changes have been made and the lower receiver should be correct. Comments are appreciated.

63 comments to More updates on the Sudanese AR-10

  • This is an amazing amount of work, considering that you had nothing but pictures and a cut receiver. I have been following this one from the start, and I look forward to seeing the end product.

    Semper Fi

  • JB

    I imagine the receiver dimensions would be changed after being torched, How much does the warping hinder getting measurements that are accurate to pre torched dimensions?

    I am guessing it was not waterjet cut, being aluminum maybe plasma?

  • Mac

    Regarding the serial #s…Can you program the HAAS or the Sharps vmc’s to do sequential numbering or do you have to hand stamp them?

    • We are looking for a program for the HAAS or Sharp to do the serial numbers. The rear problem is that we make so few of any model that I would have to re-program with each model.

  • `Dan

    Any update on these?

  • Mark

    Will you be taking orders for Sudanese AR-10 lowers. I have a Sendra lower on my AR 10 and i would like to upgrade to a better finished lower.

  • Dan

    What is the pricing estimate on these?

  • Rob

    I have been holding on to a “Portuguese” parts kit for quite a while now and am very excited to see someone working on a lower. I applaud the effort!

    For those of us who might be interested in buying one for a Port kit, though, might there be an option to get one without the “Sudanese” engraving? It’s certainly not a deal-breaker for me, but I’d love one with just the required company name and SN…and would even pay a few dollars extra to have one serialized to match my upper!

    At any rate, thanks for taking interest in these old rifles and maybe helping some of us bring a few old warhorses back to life!

  • I’m am interested too, please let us know if you will make these and/or if you would sell the CNC plans.

  • `Dan


    I was hpoing to hear some news on your progress.


    • Chuck

      We have a few more parts to complete before we change out the tooling to cut aluminum. The program has been written and most of the fixtures that I need is complete. Hope to have it on the machine in the next month. Our tool supplier screwed up the last order for the project on the haas and it is now almost 3 weeks late.
      Soon real soon.

  • Dan

    Any update? I am still interested in a Sudanese type lower.

  • Arnie

    If your collecting names, please add me to the list.

  • `Dan

    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?


  • Chuck

    The master cam program is completed. I am working on the tooling and fixture portion and as soon as I can get the jobs off of the HAAS I will be on to this. Currently I am only making 10 of these receivers. If more people are interested I need to know because I will not be going back to this project any time soon.

  • `Dan

    I want three Sudanese pattern units please!
    em ail carbinekid at bellsouth dot net.

  • Dan G

    I am interested in one. I need pricing to commit.

  • Rob

    Pending price, I’ll buy one–although I’d really like to talk to someone about how this might be used to benefit us “Portuguese” variant owners. (There are more Port rifles and kits than Sudanese, after all.)
    It would be great if one could be produced with the Portuguese “hump” on the buffer tube tower, or simply left with enough extra material there for me to shape the hump myself.
    Of course, it would also be nice if the “Sudanese” rollmark could be omitted.

    But maybe the simplest thing would be to sell us an editable CAD file that we could modify with the hump?

    If you guys are interested in discussing, please let me know.

    • Chuck

      I have not worked out the final price yet. When I do I will post it prior to starting the run.
      I currently have a Sudanese kit that I am building so that is the reason for this receiver, however depending on how much money I loose on this project, hopefully not any, we may do a Portuguese next. It took a lot of hours doing the engineering, programing,and tooling up for the first ones and if they don’t sell I am probably not going to do another.
      The role marks and serial number will all be on a case by case basis so custom serial numbers will not be a problem in this case, small run of receivers.

  • Chuck

    If anyone has any spare Sudanese parts they want to sell or trade please let me know as I am missing stuff for my build. One of the reasons that I have not pushed this harder.

  • peter

    I have a 1958 Sudanese AR10 in excellent condition , that for the right price I would be happy to sell…

  • `Dan

    Any update of progress?

  • Dan G

    Just checking in. Any updates?

  • Dan G

    Still interested. Any new on this project?

    • Chuck

      It is on the list and will be gotten to after the VG1-5 project is completed. The drawing is complete and the first of the fixtures are made. The operating program is also complete. I need one for my self so that actually puts it higher on the project list.

  • Dan G

    That’s great news. Keep up the good work.

  • Paul K

    I have a nice Portuguese parts kit with a crappy 1980s 90% finished receiver. I would definitely be interested in a receiver when you are ready to make a run.

  • Chuck

    We will be starting these receivers after the VG1-5 project is completed.

  • Dan G

    Just checking in. Is the project still alive?

    • Chuck

      The project is alive and coming up real soon. As soon as the VG1-5 is completed it is next on the list. I will make a post to let everyone know that we have started and take a count for the number to be made. I am not doing a large number of extra receivers just the ones that are ordered.
      I need to finish and test the first one to verify that everything is correct and with in spec. When that happens I will let everyone know how and where to order it from.

  • TerryGran

    I am looking for a lower for a Telko XM10

  • DingoAus

    I have access to an AR-10 with a serial number between 001900 and 002000. I am a seasoned Blender user for CAD. Do you need any additional measurements etc? I am trying to work out to mount a scope/red dot without damaging the rifle at all.

  • Pietro

    Hi Chuck,

    I have one of the original AR10’s still complete with original furniture and receiver etc. Do you know when your receivers will be available and also, do you know anyone producing replacement stock and for ends ?



    • Chuck

      We are actually close to finishing the VG1-5 project. The next one on the list is the AR-10 Sudanese lower. As for hand guards and stocks we will be making a limited run of those as well. The first mold for the hand guard did not work correctly and we have designed and solid modeled a second one. The stock is next. This year 2017 for the receivers at least.

  • Dan G

    Just checking in for an update. An progress on the Sudanese lowers?

  • Can’t wait to order one of these receivers.

  • Terry

    Checking in for an update on the Sudanese lower. Would love to order one

  • Vance

    Checking on an update. Definitely put me on the list to purchase a receiver.

  • 'Dan

    Hi, Any progress to report?

  • John Bryce

    Chuck .a great project. may I Please put my name down for two sets of Sudanese hand guards.
    I would love a hd photo of the new unfinished receiver fitted to the rifle if that’s possible
    thanks and
    regards John

  • Robert McCormick

    Please put me down for 3 receivers. I am also interested in barrels and any of the other original Sudan or Port equipment copies you may be able to do.

  • B Young

    I want a lower. Where’s the list??

  • Dan G

    I am still interested in a Sudanese lower. Any updates to report?

  • Richard H Oswald

    I am very interested in the Sudanese lower. Put me on the list

  • JB黒狐

    Mr Kramer,
    Re The ArmaLite AR-10 by Mr Joseph P Evans.
    Thanks for you contribution!

  • Robert Koss

    Hi all,

    I’m interested in an original Armalite AR-10(Or the complete parts kit, minus the receiver, of course), doesn’t matter if it’s the Dutch, Sudanese or Portuguese model, so long as it on a semi-auto receiver, luke Telko, Sendra or H&H, I’ll take it so long as it’s good, very good or excellent condition.

  • leonard j kulacki jr

    Hello, I am interested in one of your receivers, when might they be available. Thank You, Leonard Kulacki 410-591-3799

    • Chuck

      No just more work then I can currently handle. 16 hour work days are just becoming to much to handle. I will be back at the fun stuff in the future.

      • Gene Crews

        Hi Chuck.
        Please count me in for one of your Sudanese / Portuguese AR-10 receivers “if and when” they become available…. Thank you !

  • Gene

    I’m a “Johnny come lately” but I’d definitely be interested in one of your receivers.
    Hope it comes to fruition. Thank you .

  • WES


  • John Bryce

    Yes, I’m still keen to get
    two sets of Sudanese handguards.
    Thank you

  • Terry

    I am still Interested in the Sudanese AR-10 Receivers.

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