Cut away CZ-58

Our friend ,Axel, in Germany was nice enough to send this series on cut away pictures of the CZ-58 rifle.SAM_0545red_s






SAM_0574sA couple of top views


SAM_0595sSome great cut away pictures of the bolt group





SAM_0620sOne more of the side of the receiver

SAM_0603sThank you Axel, a friend of Gun Lab.


If any one else has pictures of cut away weapons please feel free to contact me for posting.



1 comment to Cut away CZ-58

  • Thanks for posting these pics. This is one of the best cutaways of a Sa.Vz.58 I’ve seen. Some of the military cutaways I’ve seen photos of didn’t go into the level of cutaway on the bolt and carrier.

    Looks like the tip of the firing pin was removed on this one. I wonder if this was done in accordance with some German de-mill reg, because it doesn’t appear to add any visual value.

    There were a few of these Samopal Vzor 58 cutaways offered a while back on eBay for $300 and I wish I would have snagged one as a wall gun.

    A little while back you did a post on the Vz.52/57 Police carbine. Anything happening with that? If I remember correctly there was some talk of building a few more? Anything happening there?

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