MP-44 trunnion part 2

The next machining operation has been completed on the trunnion. This is one of the many unexpected problems with reverse engineering a component. The magazine did not fit. An error occurred that was missed. It is a good thing to check after every step which we do.

You can see the differences here and it […]

Reverse Engineering and machining the MP-44 trunnion

Here at Gun Lab we do a fair amount of reverse engineering, most of what we like to make have no drawings. However when there are drawings or solid models available we will use them. With this said I have found that most of what is available on the internet or in books is just […]

Gun Lab update

Not a big post for today, just an update on the projects we are working on.

First and most important is the VG1-5 project. I received a call this afternoon late that the firing pins can be picked up from the heat treating firm. With this last piece we can send the second rifle to […]

MP-44 repair sections

Today’s post is from a friend of the site that wanted a semi-auto MP-44 and did not want to deal with the capital out lay necessary to buy one of the few that came in. His answer to the problem was to make a repair section and then put in the necessary parts and changes […]

What is it Saturday October 11

Sunday answer September 28

This is the op rod for the MP-44. It is a combination of the gas piston and the bolt carrier. The bolt carrier provides the cam surface for the bolt to lock and unlock the bolt from the trunnion.



What is it Saturday September 27

Shop Tuesday 9-16 solid model the MP-44 trunnion

A friend of mine dropped me an e-mail wanting to know if I had drawings for the trunnion of a MP-44 and being a fanatic on engineered drawings I said yes. These are the same drawings that are all over the internet and they are wrong. So I decided to set down and make a […]

Sunday answer

This is the receiver block from a MP-44 (STG-44).

The first picture are from “Collector Grade Publications” book “Sturmgewehr”. I highly recommend this book. If you are a student of weapons or military history this book is a must in your collection.

Here is a picture of the bolt in the machined receiver.


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