AR-16 update and its smaller brother

I have a thing about the AR-16. I remember reading about it when I was a great deal younger. It is a 308 rifle built using a sheet metal receiver, some what like an AR-180. In fact it is the AR-180 father. Here is a quick picture of the only two know to exist anymore.IMG_0009_sBoth of them are in Reed Knights collection. I have just learn about another series of weapons that were made in prototype form and never massed produced. The AR-100. This is a .223 rifle based upon the AR-16 rifle. Never heard of it in any of the books or publications.

dutch3and4sIf anyone has any information concerning this series of rifles please contact me. I would love to get pictures of them.

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  • Ken

    Back in 1987 Dolf helped sell three AR16’s. X-100, X,101, and EXP#1. The price was $8500 for all three. There were also 2 AR10’s and 16 AR18’s on the flyer. No photos. Interested, contact me and I’ll send you a copy of the ad.

  • That would be an interesting rifle. Harry

  • Something is off with the photo depictions of the ArmaLite AR-100 series. They look like a pre-Photoshop creation. The photocopied AR-100 brochure floating around ARFCOM has references to SS109 compatibility and implies that the AR-104 was an alternative to the already adopted Minimi. This would date the brochure to the late 1970s or 1980s. Given that ArmaLite was effectively a shadow of its former self by this date, one wonder if it wasn’t merely a paper proposal being shopped around in hopes of ginning up a source of funding.

    • Chuck

      The two separate sheets were photo shopped together and a small section of the photograph was missing. If I could find the rifles I would take new pictures.

  • Pete F.

    I have an original AR100 brochure. Looking at the pictures of the versions of those guns there is little doubt that they are not drawings, but pictures of actual weapons.
    Have to wonder where they are today. It’s been suggested that they are .308 guns. I always took them to be 5.56.
    I also have a copy of the flyer where the 3 AR16’s were being offered. Reed Knight having 2 Where is the third one?

  • Dan E

    Are there any plan drawings of any of these rifles? Also I think I read somewhere about the AR16 prototyped as DI rifle, would love to know more about that.

  • I finally found a dead tree publication reference to the AR-100 series. The Elitool-owned ArmaLite claimed that they were going to produce it. However, this was shortly before they were shuttered.

    “Arms and Defence in Southeast Asia” (1989)

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