Work in the Fab Shop

Okay so there is only two days in the weekend and I am getting older and do not move as fast as I use to. So between the kitchen and the router table we also started on the fab shop addition.

The concrete was poured a few weeks back and with the lack of room in the fab shop I have been spending the extra time working there.

First we moved the hot forging press and made some more room in the forge.

dsc_2882sThen like all weekend something has to break or give you problems. In this case it was the plasma cutter.

dsc_2881sI needed to cut some material for a project I am working on for Axel and Paul and it would just not work. After a couple of hours messing with it and finally finding the manual the problem was narrowed down to the air regulator not working properly. After I removed and re-built it I was able to do a little cutting but not the project of the day.

The walls were started for the fab shop addition. This is one of those projects that can be worked on when time and money are available, which is not often.

dsc_2885sI have had the steel door frames from a demo school job.

dsc_2884sA second door to the casting area will go in the opening

dsc_2883sNot a large addition but one that was needed.

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