Weekend update 4-12-15

Well the weekend is over and once again it has been a fun filled good time around gun lab.

With the backhoe cylinders back it time to get it working again. New bushings were made as well as the tooling necessary to press them in. This project is completed, or so I thought.

DSC_4805sAfter we started it up it seems that I am getting diesel fuel into the oil system. So now I get to determine what is causing that.

I finished the lights for the wood shop.

DSC_4804sWe also got to play on the cnc router a little.

I just about finished the air system in the Fab shop.


DSC_4807s The big news is that to finish the air system I needed to clean it up. It had actually gotten out of hand and you could not even walk in it.



All the fun I could handle.

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