Update on the VG1-5 The new trigger guard

With mainly doing the hand fitting on the rifle we are correcting a few problems that have come up. This issue is the trigger guard. The original design that we had did not have the correct look and was actually to close to the trigger it self.

The solid models for the new design trigger guard.


2After shearing to the proper width and the guide pin holes drilled in.

IMG_5451sThe first style trigger guard. This was all wrong and also left no room for the trigger.

IMG_5505sThe second style increased the space for the trigger, but the angle of the stock lower support was incorrect and the lower stock support was now to short.

IMG_5506sThe shape and the diameter looks a great deal better with this new design.

IMG_5507sThere was a great deal of stretching with the single hole design

IMG_5508sWe went from a single hole design to a two hole design that later will be machined off and a single rivet hole installed.

IMG_5509sThe series of design changes to the trigger guard

IMG_5504sAfter the first couple of ops.

IMG_5498sAfter the second pressing


IMG_5522sThe older style trigger guard required a great deal of work to fit up and the angle was still not correct.  Neither was the actual diameter size.

IMG_5525sHow the new design trigger guard fits


A video of the process.

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