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My last post on my library and the mess that it was in hit a few off note cords around here. No access to a great deal of my reference library and the mess all the rooms were in really pushed my buttons. Then boom I get a call from a general contractor ,that I did some work for, and he wants to get rid of some moving book cases. These are the type you see in large library’s only a 4 compartment set. He wants to know if I want them or not, of course we all know the answer to that. So I picked them up this morning and the days work was set. This is what the little room looked like before we re-worked it.


IMG_0103sNow after we started the whole new library thing.



A close up of one of the book shelves.

DSC_4670csThe new moving book cases look like this.


DSC_4661csThis was not accomplished with out making a mess everywhere. The books had to go somewhere while we moved.


DSC_4657csAll the garbage in the room had to come out as well.

DSC_4665sA little more work was done on the wall of the wood shop as well. It was sanded and a final coat of mud put down. One more sanding and then I will paint it.

DSC_4660sSaturdays over, but tomorrow is another fun filled day.

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