Nagant Target pistol

In the Gun Lab reference collect is a Nagant target revovler. This one is a Model 2 MTs-4. This pistol came about when shooters complained about the balance of the original MTs-4, first model.

In the ten years,1956 through 1966, that the various versions of the MTs-4 were produces approximately 8,200 were made. Making it a nice addition to any Nagant collection.


DSC_1360sYou can see the movement of the cylinder when the hammer is cocked.





DSC_1365sRight side for the pistol grip.

DSC_1363csThe front sight is adjustable for elevation.


DSC_1373csThere is no ejector rod or carrier. The cartridges would have to be removed with an separate tool.

DSC_1377csThis photo shows the material removed from under the barrel to improve the balance of the pistol. It also allows for clearance for the shorter cylinder axle retaining pin.

DSC_1375csA couple of views of the rear sight. The framed was heavily modified to make the new sight.

DSC_1362csYou can see the clearance of the hammer spur in the grips.

DSC_1366sThe new rear sight that was built up on the pistol.

DSC_1407csA closer look at the rear sight. The rear sight was horizontally adjustable

DSC_1408csYou can find additional information on Russian weapons at:

In addition there is a great series of posts at the gun boards forum.

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  • I Have just come across your website after watching a video on youtube about how a man with a goatee beard and ponytail, did a chamber conversion to .308 winchester on a ww2 yugoslav mauser. Brilliant video good explaining of all machining. The only thing is could you do the videos in 720p as they would be a lot clearer. P.S YOUR WEBSITE ROCKS IT IS FANTASTIC KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. THANKS ONCE AGAIN REGARDS ROB….

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