More on the MP-44 trunnion

Operation 6 has been completed on the MP-44 trunnions. A couple of problems were noted. The first is the difference in length on the front of the trunnions and the second was the fit up of the locking shoulder.

This photo shows the difference in the lengths

DSC_6105wsYou can see the corrected locking shoulder fit up

DSC_6107wwsThis photo shows where the end mill breaks during op 6 not cutting the slot for the locking shoulder.

DSC_6109wsClose up of the un-machined area

DSC_6111wsAs with every part made there is always a problem lurking in the back ground. We thought that we had complete op 6 on all the trunnions only to find that on the last part the end mill had broke. This caused a cascading failure problem. The next end mill, which was a custom slot cutting tool, also broke. The program was rewritten again to correct the problem and all six parts were finished through op 6.

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