More on the Library

This post actually has more to do with then just the library. All the walls around the patio and the area below it have been sheathed and the windows installed. A great deal of work was accomplished this last weekend.

DSC_9177sStarted water proofing the new deck.

DSC_9178sThe cross over between the stairs and the deck was removed to allow me to put new OSB up on the out side wall.

DSC_9179sAnd the first coat of epoxy was put down on the library floor.

DSC_9189sNext weekend the door will be moved to the outside wall. With that the lower section will be totally enclosed. A number of other things were also accomplished this last weekend, but that is for another post. Such exciting things as the work on the cnc router, more accomplishments on the VG1-5 and the start on the wood shop over haul and termite eradication. Plus some interesting gun photo’s.

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