Machining the MP-44 trunions op 5

With this post I am going over a few of the problems that have occurred during the machining of op5 on the 4140 hardened trunions. We ran into a snag while doing this op. A problem that did not occur on the 1018 steel parts.

A quick video discussing the problem and solution.

The problem is that we just broke our second 4″ solid carbide end mill.


This one being brand new.. Something need to change in the process that we were using to make the 4140 trunions. The problem as far as we can determine is chip load up that did not happen while cutting the 1018 blocks. Now the new procedure is to cut a slot down the top of the trunion.




This slot and the next op will allow for more coolant flow into the part and better chip removal away from the cutter.

This is the set up for the this op.

DSC_8274csBasic and very functional.

This new procedure was just started and we are well on the way to being back on schedule.

DSC_8273csThis new method as reduces the chatter that we had to deal with.


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