Fixing the 1919A6 barrel

This is kind of an after action report on the 1919A6 barrel that was involved in the accident. The last post on the damage to the 1919A4 due to some Turkish ammo showed a barrel that had a case stuck in it that the base was sheared off.

DSC_8374scwWith the cost of everything these days there was no way to not try and get that barrel back into operation.

The first step was to use a broken shell extractor. I have one or two of them

DSC_8572ssThe ones we tried that acted like they might work.DSC_8574csThey did in small way. I was able to remove the neck and shoulder of the case with them.

DSC_8554casWith the neck removed I used my chambering reamer to slowly remove the brass case. After about 20 minutes of running the reamer in then cleaning it I was able to remove the remaining part of the brass case.


DSC_8590csThe barrel is as good as new and ready to be used again.


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