Weekend update 11-3

A number of items were worked on this weekend. Another section of the fab shop ceiling was completed as well as the out side cover for my forge exhaust.

Then it back at the fluting machine back plate.

The last item worked on was the stocks for the VG1-5. The have been […]

Tuesday shop pictures

What a shop to work in. And to think that the people that work in my shop complain about the working conditions.

I just don’t want to hear about the benches not being the right height or that we need a new cnc machine.


Video Friday October 10

This is another great video showing gun manufacturing from the early 1900’s.

Video Friday, 9-5-14

I am still trying to get back on schedule. Between work and now school I am a little behind. So today’s post is a series of videos put out my McMillan’s. Even though they are here in Phoenix I have never had the opportunity to get into the facility. I do like there products though. […]