Weekend update 1-5-15

Well the new year is here and the holidays are over. It is time to get back into the routine of life. This last week was just that but a little longer. The first on the list was the honeydo’s project. My wife wanted a new kitchen faucet for Christmas ,seeing how the old one […]

AR-180 part 4

With this post we are going to discuss the stock.

The first set of pictures will be the plastic stock. You can see the parting line on the stock from where it was injected molded.

This is a picture of a completed and mounted stock showing the same area.

A close up of the […]

Compoment gun boards

I have a big thing about build boards. This is a board showing all the steps in building a weapon. It can be a simple and basic board or it can be a complex board. To me it is like cut away weapons,another sickness of mine and another post. So for today’s post I want […]

MP-44 repair sections

Today’s post is from a friend of the site that wanted a semi-auto MP-44 and did not want to deal with the capital out lay necessary to buy one of the few that came in. His answer to the problem was to make a repair section and then put in the necessary parts and changes […]

Part One of the Bushmaster Pistol

In this video I had the opportunity to chat with John D about his collection of Bushmaster pistols. This is part one of the multi part review of this interesting weapon.

Here are a few still pictures of this interesting first model sheet metal stamped upper pistol.

Close up of parts of […]

Making the VG1-5 cocking handle

In the following pictures of original VG1-5 one of the items that you will notice is that all the cocking handles look different and that they have been through some rough times.



So this is the cocking handle that we developed. The first thing that you will […]

AR-180 part 3

In this write up we are going to look at the smaller parts and how they were made. The majority of the AR18/180 was a stamped weapon with minimal machined components. These are the stamped parts we are going to look at today.


The first part that we are going to look at is […]

AR-180 part 2

In part 2 of making the AR-180 we will be looking at the upper receiver and the steps necessary to make one. There are a number of rifles that use the same basic design concept. So this build concept would work for any of them.

This is the AR-18/180.

And a close up of the […]


I am always interested in how weapons are made, a major reason for this site. So when I had the opportunity to stop at a friends house on this last trip to look at components of the AR-180 in in various stages of manufacture I jumped on it. For those of you that do not […]

Steyr sheet metal rifle

I had the opportunity to visit with Mel Smith and look at some very interesting weapons from his collection. Today’s write up is about one of the most interesting ones. This is a Steyr bolt action sheet metal stamped prototype rifle. This rifle was made as a contender to replace the 98 mauser. It was […]