Cut away of the STg 45 rifle

I thought it was time for another cut away rifle that would be interesting. Most people never have the opportunity to see a STg45 much less the cut away version. Enjoy the pictures.

This is a picture of both the 06 and 06H (STG-45)

This is the first of […]

Cut away CZ-58

Our friend ,Axel, in Germany was nice enough to send this series on cut away pictures of the CZ-58 rifle.

A couple of top views

Some great cut away pictures of the bolt group

One more of the side of the receiver

Thank you Axel, […]

Life around Gun Lab

Here are more up dates on the going on around here at Gun Lab. All the material was finally received for the new MP-44 and has been machined to size to start the whole process.

We are waiting for the tooling to start the next phase.

The spot welder arms need a […]

Cut away CZ 75

This series of pictures is from a CZ-75 cut away in my collection. I really enjoy cut away weapons. It is a way to study the operation and fit up of a particular weapon. Enjoy the pictures.

Your opinion of the pictures. I […]

Cut away of the 05 rifle

This is one of the rifles that we have been working on here at Gun Lab. I thought I would show you a few pictures of a cut away rifle of this model.

Here is a view from the left side that is not cut away.

This is a close up of the receiver […]

Cut Away rifle SA-80

I do love looking and photographing cut away weapons. The amount of information that is gathered in a good cut away is amazing. I hope you enjoy this one.

When I was taking the pictures I was focusing on a particular part. That is […]

Cut away L1A1.

It was brought to my attention,by one of my favorite blogs, that I was a little lacking on my cut away post of the FAL. I am sorry as I knew that some where I had a few more photos. It took a while to locate them but here they are to help anyone with […]

Cut away rifle L1A1

This is a cut away of the L1A1 rifle.

A close up of the receiver area.This is one I would like to have in my collection.

Cut away weapons Dutch Mannlicher rifle

This post is on the bolt action Dutch Mannlicher rifle. Again I must apologize for the photograph. This was on the same trip trying to learn how to use the camera.

I am working at getting better taking pictures.


New Section, Cut Away weapons

For me, part of the process of learning about small arms includes photographs, manuals, manufacture boards,studying the actual weapons them self and studying cut away weapons. So I have decided to start a section on cut away weapons. I do own a few cut away and I take pictures of others when ever possible.

This […]