Cut away CZ 75

This series of pictures is from a CZ-75 cut away in my collection. I really enjoy cut away weapons. It is a way to study the operation and fit up of a particular weapon. Enjoy the pictures.













Your opinion of the pictures. I really am trying to improve the quality of them on the site.

If anyone has any pictures of cut away weapons please drop me a line so I can share them with everyone. Thanks Chuck

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  • steve

    Increasing the F-stop number will increase the amount of depth of focus, bringing more things at different distances from the lens into focus. Like in DSC_5067s.jpg, if the f-stop was set higher, the trigger wouldn’t be fuzzy. You may find that you need to increase the lighting, and probably use a tripod.

    • Chuck

      Thanks for the info Steve.
      I am going to start a note book of photos that hopefully will help as I take the pictures. Light would help but I am trying to deal with that as I would have to in a museum where flash is not allowed. I lost so many good pictures over the years due to bad museum lighting.
      Thanks again

  • I love cutaways.

    I saw your request for picture feedback, but can’t find a contact email address. Shoot me an email and I’ll give you some gun pic tips.

  • Let me add another tip on photographing.
    I think you are using the camera flash for these pics. But there is a problem with this method. The camera tries to make the sum of areas’ luminosity a specific shade of grey.
    that is easily done when you have a lot of white (the background) and a small amount of black (the gun). So the end result will be a dark gun.
    If you chance the white/black ratio you will get a better pic.
    this is why this one is far better looking
    you have more black in the pic.
    The easiest way to achieve this is use a neutral grey background, somewhere between the gray’s that appear in this blog page.

  • […] at GunLab also has one (dude’s got one of everything!) and he has some pictures of it on his […]

  • […] at GunLab also has one (dude’s got one of everything!) and he has some pictures of it on his […]

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